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Enable remote management of your livestock facility

Monitor & report critical barn metrics in real-time


Stay in control of your barn and respond faster, with reliable monitoring.

Know what's going on in all of your barns, all the time. Protect and connect your barns today!

Customizable Dashboard

Custom reporting and access for different job levels

Proactive Management

Faster response leads to healthier pigs and a more efficient team


Explore our precision livestock platform

We help producers focus on what they love by empowering them with real-time data on the metrics that matter. Pork with precision.


Apply Distynct across your organization for an Enterprise, Area, and Barn level view

Save Valuable Time

Gone are the days of manual recording and reporting of data

Easy to Deploy

Distynct team will get you up and running in less than a day

Insights at your fingertips

Proactive management starts with metrics that matter

Improved Biosecurity

Remote monitoring reduces foot traffic


Set thresholds for notifications and assign who to inform


Transform your barns in 3 easy steps

Our team will take you from start to finish. Transforming your barn to a smart barn has never been this simple.

  1. Install the gateway

    No internet, no problem. We'll take care of the installation for you.

  2. Create user accounts for staff

    Invite your team into our platform with a few clicks.

  3. Connect new and existing sensors

    We select, install, and connect your devices for you.


We are a passionate group with deep industry and technology experience

BJ Brugman


BJ has spent his entire career in the livestock pharmaceutical industry and has worked closely with swine producers all over the United States. He provides knowledge of the customer and the industry in which we operate.

Thomas Hornbeck


Thomas is a proven technology entrepreneur with a strong background in computer science. His success as an entrepreneur is evident as a co-founder, CTO, and advisor to multiple successful technology startups over his career.

Brian Carr

Director of Engineering

Brian was instrumental in leading and delivering multi-million dollar growth over his career at Almaco. As the VP of Engineering, he was responsible for the innovation of all products and processes to achieve technology and revenue growth targets.